Fireworks paper flame retardant

Sodium polyborate is effective as a flame retardant for fireworks flame retardant flame and fire prevention.
soufa works effectively on cellulose that makes up paper.
Therefore, it is possible to make flame retardant and flame retardant for fireworks paper.

There is no problem with brushing after the fireworks are produced, and spraying before winding works well.

Fireworks wrapping paper may burn to some extent, but burning with flames seems less desirable.
The other day I was doing fireworks with my child, and after the fireworks were over, the flame of the momentum that seemed to burn to my hand rose and I was surprised.
It’s something that doesn’t happen often, but you want to be careful.

It’s good to ignite gunpowder, but there is a problem if the paper burns at higher speed, right?
Although I do not know in detail, soufa can easily impart flame retardancy to those rolls.
If it is a spray type, it can be easily prepared, so please try it.