Flame retardant for corrugated cardboard

I think it is easy to handle because it can be post-constructed.
soufa is a flame retardant based on sodium polyborate.

Since it is water except for the flame-retardant component, it has almost no toxicity.
Sofa imparts high flame retardancy to cellulose, a component of pulp.
Corrugated cardboard is the same and can provide high flame retardancy.

Flame-proof cardboard and flame-retardant cardboard are sometimes found, but flame retardants for producing the cardboard itself were not often found. We manufacture and sell flame retardant sodium polyborate soufa, which is highly effective for paper materials.

Our company was originally established based on the philosophy of disaster mitigation.
For this reason, we want end users to pick up soufa and protect themselves from fire.
Therefore, the above 500ml small quantity type is a product intended for sale to end users.

Corporate R & D is also available.

It is said that cardboard boxes are also the source of fire at ASKUL’s factory.
If non-combustible cardboard is used, it will be considered.

In winter, the news of fire accidents increases. We hope that using soufa will help prevent some fires.