Making paper (Japanese paper) etc. non-flammable

This is a naturally dried photo. The left side is uncoated and the right side is soufa applied. The difference in texture is a bit tough. The texture is almost the same as that of paper that has been dried by applying water.

Characters can be drawn on the coated paper with a ballpoint pen.
Since it does not form a coating film, it can be painted or folded. You can also cut with scissors.

It is a video that fired. The fire will not spread.

This is when a 23% aqueous solution is applied. In addition, the flame retardancy has been improved. However, there is a trade-off between the texture and the degree of flame retardancy.

Spraying and spraying paper products after processing them can make the products flame-retardant.
In addition, it can be colored after soufa application, so its application range is various.

Furthermore, a high-concentration aqueous solution was produced and a simple test of flame retardancy was performed.