Non-combustible MDF flame retardant

Makes MDF non-combustible and enhances heat insulation, weather resistance, and sound absorption performance, and makes non-combustible MDF excellent in humidity control, anti-fouling properties, etc. without impairing MDF’s original performance such as bending strength, hardness, light weight and workability. Can you do it?

Since mdf is a wood-based material, boric acid and phosphoric acid are thought to exhibit excellent effects as flame retardants. Is the problem with the adhesive?
Phosphoric acid seems to be more advantageous in consideration of compatibility with the adhesive. However, boric acid may be more advantageous in terms of performance and permeability.

SOUFA is a boric acid flame retardant.

The method of use is either impregnation or kneading during material molding.

If MDF can be made nonflammable, it can be used in various construction sites.

If possible, it is desirable to impregnate and dry the soufa aqueous solution in the state of wood fiber.
Because mdf is weak in water, impregnation with soufa aqueous solution may cause problems such as dimensional deviation.

Some companies are testing how much performance will be achieved by post-construction, so we will let you know when test results are available.