Odorless, colorless and transparent termite repellent soufa [boric acid type]

soufa is an odorless, colorless and transparent aqueous solution. It has almost no toxicity and can be installed with light clothing unlike conventional termites. There is no smell. The texture is almost the same as water.
Since it is an inorganic substance, it does not volatilize, so it is a termiticide that can be used by those with chemical sensitivity.
In addition, boric acid-based termiticides are expected to become more popular in the future, as they are more effective than existing termiticides.

Sofa is a boric acid termiticide. The boric acid system has long been shunned by industry associations, but its effectiveness has been recognized in recent years and the use of association-approved products has been spreading.
It has been pointed out that the termiticide on the internal structure of a general termite repellent has an ineffective effect when used in a wooden house because it has a strong odor and the effect is short, about 5 years.

In the case of boric acid termiticides, the effect is semi-permanent because it does not evaporate unlike organic matter. Boric acid is mainly used in Hawaii where termites are heavily damaged.
It is said that once installed, it stays in the internal structure, so it is more effective than existing termiticides.
Also, the toxicity of boric acid is about the same as that of salt, so there is no effect on the human body unless overdose. This is also a difference from existing termiticides. There is no smell, so it is a material that is easy for installers.

And our company, which handles boric acid termites, says that we do not recommend the installation of 1m from the base. The base surface is generally treated on the premise that termites enter from the ground, but wooden houses that are actually damaged by termites also suffer from beams and columns on the second floor.
For this reason, it is recommended that all structures be treated with boric acid.

No impregnation is required. The termite test conducted at our company has been tested with a chemical amount of about 150 g / m2, and the effect is sufficiently achieved with that amount.
Therefore, by constructing soufa at the stage when the structure is up, the house will be highly effective against termites in the future.
Please consider it.