soufa aqueous solution is a type that does not make a coating film

I think that it is difficult to convey it only on the homepage, so I will explain it on this site.

soufa is a clear, water-based flame retardant.

Sofa is not a paint because it is often misunderstood as a paint because it is caught in a keyword search such as “non-combustible paint”. It does not add color or coat the material.

soufa has the texture of water. The evaporation rate is almost the same as water and it is colorless and transparent.
For example, when applied to wood, it soaks like water soaks. This will not create a coating on the surface. Soufa’s flame-retardant components settle on the cellulose of wood at the nanometer level. The water then evaporates and the wood surface is not coated. Therefore, paints can be applied later.

Most of the flame retardant water products that are generally sold have a large amount of paint and coat the surface. It’s a good product because of its uses, but soufa is a product with a different concept.
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