Wood fiber and wood fiber flame retardant / incombustible / flame / fire protection  

Soufa is effective for imparting flame retardancy to wood fiber and wood fiber. SOUFA is a flame retardant containing boric acid as the main raw material and is a high concentration sodium polyborate aqueous solution.
We succeeded in increasing the solubility in water using special technology. Boric acid is hardly soluble in water, so its concentration does not increase very much.
However, in order to impregnate wood fiber and wood fiber, a technology to dissolve in water at a high concentration was necessary. Soufa has realized that.
An aqueous solution with low toxicity and extremely high flame retardant effect on cellulose.

Naturally, it is non-halogen and does not contain phosphorus or heavy metals.

Construction is easy because it is simply painted, sprayed or soaked.
Since there is no certified non-combustible wood fiberboard, we expect future development.

Here is a video of construction on wood.