Be careful about how to use boric acid termiticides because they are not insecticides!

We manufacture and sell SOUFA, a protective and preservative flame retardant.
In recent years, expectation of health and sustainability of effects has increased the number of inquiries from end users.
The following are some common consultations.

“I’m thinking about remodeling this time. Actually, there are signs that termites have already appeared, so I will peel off all the walls etc. and re-stretch. So I’m thinking about using SOUFA, is that OK?”

The answers to these questions are:

“Because SOUFA is not an insecticide, even if SOUFA is directly applied to a termite, it does not cause death at that moment. Food poisoning is an effect by entering the body. If termites are present, it is recommended to remove the termites once with an insecticide and then construct SOUFA from a preventive point of view. In our view, it is necessary to use not only ants but also pesticides. “

If termites are already present, it is very difficult for end users alone to respond, including identifying the location.
Therefore, we recommend that you consult a pest control company.

However, boric acid lasts semi-permanently, so it is true that many ant-control companies do not want to handle it.
Consider consulting with more than one vendor.