Flame retardancy imparted with cellulose nanofiber bestboron

We produced an aqueous solution from cellulose nanofibers received from a company and dissolved bestboron in the aqueous solution. We verified whether a flame-retardant solution could be imparted by applying an aqueous solution with a concentration of about 23%, which is what we call our company, to PP.

Flame was applied for 5 minutes by the combustion test method according to the 45 ° C combustion test method and JIS L1091, and the back surface temperature, penetration, and after-flame time were measured. Evaluate performance based on mass reduction rate and unit price area. There was no penetration of the plasma-treated material on the surface, and it was possible to demonstrate flame retardancy due to the foaming phenomenon unique to sodium polyborate. The test lasted 5 minutes.