Flame retardation of cellulose nanofiber nonwoven fabric

There seems to be a cellulose nanofiber nonwoven fabric.
I am thinking that soufa can make cellulose nanofiber flame-retardant. It is not a non-woven fabric, but we are verifying some materials. Flame retardancy is available.

Soufa believes that it is applicable because it can give high flame retardant effect to cellulose.

Regarding the flame retardancy of cellulose nanofiber nonwoven fabric, we believe that soufa, which is highly effective for cellulosic materials, can be used.
Perhaps you can simply impregnate at normal pressure.

The cellulose nanofiber nonwoven fabric was developed by Asahi Kasei. Is the issue of flame retardancy coming up?

The following image is an image that confirmed the flame retardancy by spraying on the tissue.

Non-burnable tissue * Does not spread as charcoal

This is a video compared to the unprocessed one.
The ends of the treated and untreated tissues are twisted and ignited at the same time.

Non-burnable tissue comparison

Since soufa is an aqueous solution of sodium polyborate and has little effect on the human body, it is easy to process.