About wood board noncombustible certified plywood

We are dealing with flame retardants for wood, and we have various inquiries regarding non-flammability.
One of the many inquiries from design firms is the use of wood for places with interior restrictions.

Basically, there is no other choice but to answer “Please purchase and use wood from a company that has obtained noncombustibility certification”, but it may not be possible due to cost, delivery date, desired tree species, etc. .
You have to be prepared for the cost to some extent, but regarding the tree species, hardwoods in particular cannot be used because there is no noncombustible certified wood in the first place.

In such a case, there is an idea to use non-combustible plywood with a veneer on the surface.
This is Nara (white oak) veneer incombustible plywood. The thickness is 6 mm and the base material is dielite.

Since it is a veneer, the surface is the wood itself.

Since it is a non-combustible plywood, it also has a non-combustible certification number, so it can be used without problem even in places where interior restrictions are required. There is no problem even if pointed out by the fire department.

It may not be to say so much from our standpoint, but …
We are mainly researching non-combustible wood, but will there be such a great product, so will the demand for non-combustible wood really increase? You may wonder.

Non-combustible veneer plywood may offer a solution in interior design, where many design firms have been given up by quasi-noncombustible walls. Although there are many contacts with professional architects, when talking about veneer incombustible plywood, only a few architects were aware of the existence of such materials.
Since the veneer is not treated with incombustibility, there are no disadvantages such as efflorescence and condensation leaching, which are disadvantages of incombustible wood.

We can manufacture and procure incombustible veneer upon request.
Please contact us if you need it.