Boric acid as an alternative to phosphorus-based flame retardants

Inquiries for paper-related projects have been increasing.
Until now, phosphorus-based flame retardants have been used, but the flame retardant performance is not enough, so another flame retardant is being considered.

One paper maker talked about the lack of flame retardancy with a phosphorus-based flame retardant and the fact that the paper turned yellow and stiffened. soufa solved those problems.

Since our company is specialized in flame retardant wood, we have not verified the details of paper.
However, a simple combustion test has been conducted and it has been confirmed that it is effective for paper.

Below is a 16% soufa aqueous solution applied to Japanese paper and dried.

Until now, phosphorus and aluminum hydroxide have been widely used as flame retardants for paper.
We believe that soufa can be used as a paper flame retardant.

Although the amount of shipment is still small, some products are used in special paper.
Sodium polyborate is a highly effective flame retardant for cellulose, the main constituent of wood. Therefore, it has a high effect on paper and pulp.
The difficulty is that it has a slight hardening effect on the pulp, so you may need to consider adjusting the water content or using a softener in combination. Either way, it is still in use at the development stage, so we expect future use.

Japanese paper flame retardant
Pulp Mold flame retardant